3D Implant Planning (SimPlant)

SimPlant is the state of the art three dimensional implant planning software tool.  This software enables us to upload your conebeam CT onto our computer for 3D visualization.  The two essential steps require by the patient to start the surgical process is; one, to obtain a conebeam CT and two, acquire a stone model of the specific arch (maxilla or mandible) you desire an implant.  Usually your restorative dentist takes an impression of the desired arch and they pour it up in stone.  The model is then optically scanned and imported into your conebeam CT data.  From there, we review the data with you and educate you on how the entire process works.  It also permits us to communicate with your restoring dentist in a way like no other. Before any surgery is performed we are able to virtually place your implant with your restoring dentist guidance.  Once everyone agrees (your dentist and Dr. Fritz) with the surgical position and angulation of your implant, the data is sent back to the company.  Then, an individual computer guided surgical stent is fabricated for the desired implant.  With this highly precise stent we are able to accurately place your dental implant in the correct position as well as to avoid any vital structures.